Once Upon A Time In Tahoe

Jun 26, 2023

~ Wedding On the Lake ~

Posted by: Kay Rich

In this post we’ve gathered highlights from one of our most fun filled, luxurious photoshoots of the year. With flowing gowns, enchanting bouquets, and a paradise beach setting, we’ll uncover how to plan an immaculate photoshoot and who to book for the perfect Tahoe wedding!


Jenni & Aarik

Greetings to all of our brides to be and to all the beauty enthusiasts who take interest in the multi-faceted world of weddings! It is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure that we present to you Jenni and Aarik’s long awaited wedding lookbook.

Here you’ll find some inspo for a whimsical beach theme, featuring some of the best five star vendors in Tahoe. Plus we even have some tips for how to prepare for an outdoor photoshoot for all of our clients looking to get some amazing shots on the beach.

Of course, although our work looks effortless on film, the process itself takes many hours! From getting the right angles to styling wind proof hair, it takes a team to get magazine worthy pictures. However, by starting small and working your way up to the final touches, by the end of this read you’ll be able to sail through the process like a pro!


Getting Started

So you’ve bought your dream dress and booked the venue but now you’re stuck wondering… How am I going to remember it all? Without a doubt we can tell you that finding an amazing photographer will be worth every penny. Especially when you consider how much time you’ll be spending with them on your wedding day!

For Jenni’s photoshoot we paired up with highly rated photographer, Liz Zimbelman, who specializes in bridal


and engagement shoots. Liz was truly a blessing to work with- always uplifting the team with her light hearted charisma. After all, when you’re working on a shoot for 6+ hours you’ll want to make sure you’re with an entertaining crew!

This is why we emphasize scheduling a consultation with your photographer before booking to make sure they are the right fit. Ideally this will be at least six months in advance (the earlier you book the better) so this way you can use your pics for your save the dates.

Additionally, we recommend going with a photographer who knows how to make clients feel comfortable in front of the camera. Even with her most nervous brides, Liz never fails to bring out their inner beauty with a genuine smile! Just make sure you have your planner reach out, as many pro photographers are only accepting clients with a wedding planner for the 2024-2025 season.


Florals & Event Decor

Once you’ve decided on your photographer it’s time to move onto the design of your location! This can be tricky when setting up along the beach, as the weather can be unpredictable…

Luckily you won’t have to worry because this is where the event design team comes in! We were honored to work alongside Celebrations and Twine Floral Co for this shoot and are so thankful to have partnered with them.

The sky that day was beautiful- absolutely crystal clear with a light breeze. This allowed us to use thinner candlesticks and delicate pieces without worrying about the wind knocking them out. However, if you’re planning an outdoor shoot and want to play it safe we recommend opting for non-glass vases and table weights for a stress free experience. After all, no one wants their beautiful set up getting blown into the lake!


We also recommend bringing some comfortable flip flops for the sand when moving from one spot to the next. (You’ll thank us when your feet need a break from designer heels.)

Some other precautions that you’ll want to consider when choosing a beach setting will be access to shade and shelter. Whether this be a tent or nearby access to a resort, shade will save you from prolonged sun exposure. Any shelter will also give you and your fiancé protection from the elements in the case of rain.

Thankfully we were fortunate enough to avoid these mishaps, though we did end up moving closer to the resort in the late afternoon. This way Liz could get some beautiful shots of the sun setting between the trees! Definitely a view we’ll be remembering for a while 🙂


Makeup & Hair

After you’ve booked your photographer, floral vendor, and event decor crew we can start discussing the best part of all: the beauty!

You’ll notice in this shoot we had Jenni sport two looks: a fairytale ballgown with an elegant updo and a romantic sheath dress with flowing waves. At LBB we recommend subtle up do’s for statement dresses like Jenni’s ballgown. This way the dress can be appreciated in all it’s glory while matching the classic theme.

However, for styles like the mermaid or sheath dress we suggest going for some beach waves. We guarantee that flowing locks will have everyone mesmerized when transitioning from daytime into a romantic evening. You could also choose a loose dutch braid with beaded accessories. This is a great option for our brides who have longer hair that they’d prefer to keep tame!


Pro Tips

Of course, we can’t forget about the makeup! When looking for inspiration pics definitely check out “neutral bridal glam” (not to be confused with natural makeup) for a look that can pair easily with any dress and color palette. One way our artists like to describe this is like a “you but better” style of makeup that accentuates your natural beauty with a touch of feminine flare.

Our neutral glam makeup for Jenni consisted of light contouring with a warm peach blush, champagne highlights, and a very light smoky eye. We also made sure to give her a soft peach lipstick for some added color. Then to top it off we added a pair of ultra wispy, medium length lashes for the slightest cat eye effect.

If you decide to get your makeup done with an LBB artist, you can always expect complimentary lashes alongside your flawless makeup. Our team takes pride in using only the finest quality products! We hope to see you in our books soon 😉



Now let us know what you think! Where is your dream wedding venue?

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Until Next Time,

Luna Belle Beauty



Makeup: Crystal

Hair: Nicole

Venue: Hyatt Lake Tahoe

Photography: Liz Zimbelman Photography

Florals: Twine Floral Co

Event Decor: Celebrations Event Rentals

Cake: Lake Tahoe Cakes

Wedding Planner: Jàlie





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