Father’s Day Tribute

Jun 11, 2023

~ One For the Dads ~

Posted by: Kay Rich

It’s no secret that the father of the bride can often be overlooked during wedding season. That’s why we’re dedicating this post to all of the fathers and fatherly role models who lend their support throughout the wedding process!


Whether he’s walking you down the aisle or comforting you in times of need, you can count on him to be there when you need him most. But what about when he needs you?

In the months leading up to your wedding you are sure to have your calendar fully booked with dress fittings, bachelorette parties, and event planning with your fiancĂ©. However, throughout the process it’s not uncommon for dads to feel left out of the mix. After all, they probably aren’t your go to person when it comes to matching the table decor with your rustic wedding theme!

Luckily here at LBB we have compiled a list of services and activities to keep dad in the loop during your wedding planning months. Even the smallest of gestures, when acted on with thoughtfulness and intention, can make all the difference to your dad!


1. Include Him In Your Pictures

Dads are often highlighted when it comes to two things: the first dance and walking you down the aisle.

One way of including him beyond tradition is by taking some one on one pics with him before the ceremony. A few candid shots with dad before walking down the aisle will last a lifetime, especially when you want to look back on your moments together right before tying the knot. Just be sure to ask your photographer to get the shots ahead of time, as it’s likely you will be caught in the moment before your big walk.



2. Acknowledge His Strengths

You know your dad best when it comes to lending a helping hand. Is he a gifted handy man? Why not help him build the table for your wedding gifts? (And yes, cheering him on the sidelines qualifies as helping.)

Does he love to listen to a certain band or genre of music? Dedicate a song in his honor! Perhaps he simply enjoys spending time outdoors, in which case you can make time to go on a hike with him. The point is to spend quality time with each other and honor his presence in your life in a way that makes him feel valued and included.


3. Gift Him Something Sentimental

Not all fathers pay for their daughter’s wedding, however, if you are fortunate enough to have him contribute financially then why not gift him something in return?

One of the most endearing presents to give your dad is a handwritten letter detailing your appreciation for him. Both heartfelt and cost effective, letters allow you to share your thoughts and inside jokes with him in a way he can treasure forever.

You might also choose to purchase his necktie/bowtie if you know his style and want to gift him a little luxury. Websites like Bumblebee Linens and Lindman New York even offer personalization services as memorable custom gifts.


4. Styles and Cuts

When was the last time your dad had a decent hair cut or beard trimming? If he’s open to the idea of getting pampered for a few hours, treat him to a style and cut! Now days men deserve to enjoy the feeling of flawless hair just as much as the mother of the bride.

Our award winning stylists Keema and Nicole specialize in all kinds of options from classic slick backs to modern fades. We also provide in home services so your dad can feel like a king without having to leave the comfort of his own home. Not to mention, if you show us this article before his appointment you can receive 10% off the service!



5. Get His Advice

If there’s one thing dads love to do it’s sharing their thoughts and wisdom with you. Even if he isn’t married, he might surprise you with his insight on relationships! This will give you some perspective on his experiences. Plus, you might even come out of it with valuable knowledge that can be applied to your new marriage.

Of course, having a deep conversation with your dad is best done in privacy when you aren’t stressed. We recommend talking with him in a quiet, peaceful environment where you can both open up without distractions. Activities like camping, going for a walk, or stargazing on the beach are perfect for a meaningful dad talk. And if you want to make it even more special, bring his favorite snacks along the way!




Now let us know what you think! Have any thoughts on how to include your dad during wedding season? We’d love to hear about your experiences!

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Makeup: Sydney, Kristina

Hair: Keema, Nicole

Photography: Cassie Valente Photo, Holly Shankland, Christina Milke Photography

Venues: Everline Resort, Granlibakken Tahoe, West Shore Cafe

Florals: Stems by Diana, Holly Fleur Fine Floral Design











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