A Simply Summer Wedding

Jul 10, 2023

~ Mastering Simple Elegance ~

Posted by: Kay Rich

Trends come and go but the simply elegant bride is forever! She is timeless and classic in an eye catching yet subtle way, embodying romance through grace and style. Read on for tips on how to achieve this look through minimalist designs for a romantic summer wedding!


Jillian & Alen

Last August we had the opportunity to work with Jillian and Alen at the Desolation Hotel, reminding us of the raw, natural beauty of Hope Valley. It was the perfect setting; a calm and restorative location that spoke entirely for itself without any lavish adornments.

Similar to Jillian’s dress, hair, and makeup, the landscape was natural and beautiful in it’s minimalist aesthetic.

Then we began to wonder… what exactly does it mean to have a minimalist wedding and what separates it from other bridal trends?

At LBB, we’ve worked with all kinds of brides and a variety of themes, though it’s safe to say that the soft spoken, minimalist style is one of our favorites! After all, who doesn’t want to get picture perfect shots in nature and save a few pennies while they’re at it?


Defining Minimalism

In one word, minimalism is simplification. In today’s world with the vastness of wedding themes and styles seen on social media it can be overwhelming to decide on every little detail for your special day. While the image of a seven layer cake and extravagant decor might sound appealing to some, there is much to be appreciated for minimalist styles in the summer!

For Jillian, this meant opting for a sleeveless a-line dress and effortless beachy waves that we pinned into a half-up, half-down style. Not only did it frame her face beautifully but it also paired wonderfully with her hair length and texture!

Additionally, you’ll notice that she chose to keep her jewelry thin and delicate- a choice that added to the look rather than completely distracting from it. This goes back to the central idea of minimalism focussing on the bride rather than opulent accessories.


Simply Eloquent Makeup

Just like Jillian’s hair and jewelry, the makeup we chose for her was natural and understated. Regardless of skin tone or age, neutral tones paired with a soft contour and nude lips are the perfect “go-to” for our minimalist brides.

One question we receive often for this kind of look is whether the bride should go with a matte or dewy finish. However, neither ultra-matte nor dewy foundations look particularly well on camera.

For this reason we highly recommend asking your artist for a natural, skin-like finish. This will ensure that your skin doesn’t look too oily or dried out by the makeup in your pictures. Plus it can be accomplished with minimal products so that your makeup feels weightless all throughout the day (and not like cracked paint when you go to look in the mirror a few hours later!)


Staying On Budget

Aside from the stunning hair and makeup looks we can achieve with the minimalist aesthetic, one of the best parts is saving money that can be used for your honeymoon. According to The Knot, the average American wedding can add up to be $28,000! (And that’s not including the engagement ring.)

Luckily, by choosing a minimalist theme you will automatically cut costs on additional decor, flamboyant bouquets, and expensive accessories. We also recommend using the summer weather to your advantage by choosing an outdoor ceremony and photoshoot! This will save you a good amount and also add to the natural, picturesque aesthetic.


Incorporating Nature

Lastly, what separates a romantic minimalist wedding from all other styles is an emphasis on the natural world.

As long as you have a talented photographer, mother nature is your best friend when it comes to getting the perfect backdrop! Rather than prearranging floral arches and tents you can get so many fun and elegant shots by simply scouting the area for a unique setting.

Just ask your photographer to play around with different angles and poses to make sure you have a variety to choose from 🙂

Pro tip: If you want to get creative with it, ask your photographer to get some candid shots with your partner and blur out the edges for an added effect!



Now let us know what you think! Do you like the idea of having a minimalist summer wedding? What are some of your favorite wedding trends of the year?

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Luna Belle Beauty



Makeup: Richelle

Hair: Savannah

Venue: Desolation Hotel

Photography: Vild Photography

Wedding Invitations: Velvet Fox Designs




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