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Sep 25, 2023

The Art Of Autumn Weddings

Posted by: Kay Rich

Here at LBB we know it’s officially fall once Starbucks brings back pumpkin spice and sweater weather replaces the sun dresses of summer! In this post we’ll share five unique and innovative ideas to incorporate into your upcoming fall wedding or elopement. So sit back, relax, and get comfy with your favorite pumpkin infused drink as we discover all there is to offer from the bewitching elements of the autumn wedding season.



The Autumn Bride

A leaf in metamorphosis is much like a bride to be.

As its color saturates and matures into red and plum hues, so does a bride transform as she goes through the many phases of wedding traditions before saying ‘I do.’

Perhaps this seasonal shift is what makes autumn such a popular choice for weddings. The richness of color and festiveness of the holidays sets the perfect stage for a romantic union! Not to mention, it’s also a great excuse to go all out with pumpkins and colorful leaves for decor 😛

Of course beyond the jaw dropping aesthetics, this season is filled with so much opportunity to customize a truly memorable wedding day. Especially with the overlap of Halloween in October, fall allows for what would normally be considered macabre to be charming and poetic in autumn. From dress styles to table decor to the powerful effect of a burgundy red lip, now is the time to embrace your creativity and explore all your options!



1) Long Sleeved Dresses

Whether you choose to have your wedding inside a chapel or atop a mountain vineyard, sleeves are a godsend for our autumn brides!

As the summer heat fades away and the briskness of fall settles in, having even the slightest bit of added protection against the cold is a worthwhile investment. Especially if you tend to run on a lower temperature, sleeves will provide more insulation so you won’t have your teeth chattering as you walk down the aisle.

A dress with sleeves also lends much more support than a strapless/short sleeved dress. Some designs even come with built in padding for added comfort and an easier getting ready experience. So if you’re concerned about having to constantly readjust throughout the day, this may be the solution for you!

PRO TIP: If you like the idea of wearing a long sleeved dress but don’t want the fabric to cover up the full length of your arms, opt for a three quarter inch sleeve for more breathing room and flexibility.



2) Jewel Toned Colors

As witnessed in nature, this time of year colors intensify all around us as the trees turn and leaves darken. Colors like deep ruby reds and amber yellows are amazing sources of inspiration as they flourish all around us!

By incorporating these colors into your autumn wedding you can defy the standard pastel pinks and blues that are seen in spring and summer. Plus, it’s also an opportunity to experiment with different colored lipsticks and shadows to match the jewel tones of your theme.

Perhaps you opt for a bronze shimmer on the lid or a deeper lip color for some added flavor. Or if you prefer more neutral colors for your makeup, why not accessorize by wearing a hair piece?

Gold flecked leaves, wine red berries, or a mix of dried flowers are a few options that can perfect your look with a touch of the autumn harvest. Etsy also has a plethora of beautiful handmade bridal combs and barrettes with jewel toned accent colors that you can choose from here.



3) Moody Photography Style

For our art enthusiasts out there, you may be familiar with a technique know as chiaroscuro. For centuries artists have used this method to enhance the drama and mood of a scene by intensifying the contrast between light and dark shadows.

So why would I want this is my wedding album?” you might ask…

While we don’t recommend having all of your pictures taken in the chiaroscuro style, asking your photographer to include a few shots can create timeless memories of one of the most important days of your life.

Chiaroscuro also tends to focus on the subject rather than the environment, which helps to highlight the emotion felt in the exact moment the picture was taken. Likely there will be an abundance of shots of you with your spouse, so taking some individual shots can help add variety to your album. Plus, we guarantee that having your photographer capture the moment before you walk down the aisle will be a keepsake that you treasure for a lifetime!



4) Mixing & Matching

While the beauty of a freshly picked bouquet will never cease to enthrall, adding in some dried flowers to your floral arrangements is a great way to stay on trend with the season!

Some of our favorite floral vendors for fall weddings include Iris & Barry Blooms, Helianthus, and Twine Floral Co. As masters of beauty, we can ensure they will help find just the right bouquets and displays to suit your tastes. However, it is worth mentioning that having some direction before speaking with your vendor will help jump start the process of finding the ideal arrangements.

Pampas grass, dried dahlias, palm fronds, baby’s breath, and touches of wheat are all show stopping choices for an autumn wedding. You might even consider adding in some twisted branches to add some additional rustic charm to your venue’s ambience. Either way, we highly recommend doing a bit of research before booking a consultation to give your florists a better idea of what you’re looking for and how you want the overall look to be.



5) Harvest Decor

Last but not least a fall wedding cannot be complete without taking advantage of the bountiful harvest. We’re talking squashes, pumpkins, and gourds galore!

One clever and whimsical idea that can be found all over Pinterest is white pumpkins as the center piece for your table decor. For a simple and classy vibe, consider painting you and your spouse’s first initials on the pumpkins in calligraphy with black paint. Or if you want to go all out, you can use a variety of different colored pumpkins as vases for your florals!

Some brides might even prefer to have larger pumpkins and gourds professionally carved with “Mr. and Mrs.” on the front, which can be illuminated by a candle placed carefully on the inside. However, if you want to try this idea we recommend researching the web for a professional craftsman who can take care of the carving, as it will likely be a lengthy process. For more fun and decorative ideas click here!



Now let us know what you think! Do you know anyone who is currently planning an autumn wedding for 2024? What are some other fun ideas you’d like to see added to the list?

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Makeup: Shannon (Blonde Bride), Sydney (Brunette Bride)

Hair: Ali (Blonde Bride), Tallie (Brunette Bride)

Photography: Raquel King Photography (Blonde Bride), Sydnee Marie Photo (Brunette Bride)

Venue: Valhalla Tahoe (Blonde Bride), Tahoe Blue Estate (Brunette Bride)



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