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Oct 9, 2023

Time Capsules To Cherish

Posted by: Kay Rich

It’s no secret that as we go through life it can be easy to forget about documenting the times where we laugh and rejoice with our loved ones. Even when it feels like time has no mercy, setting aside a few hours for some family pictures can be a priceless investment in the long run. Read on to discover our six tips for planning a fun and fabulous family photo session!



Booking In Advance

While this might already be apparent to some, we can’t stress enough how important it is to book your photographer months before the photoshoot. Luckily photographers who specialize in family portraits usually don’t require you to book a year or more in advance like a wedding photographer would. However, planning a minimum of 3 months ahead of time is still a good rule of thumb to ensure you get quality pictures with someone who is both accomplished and reliable.

By prepping months ahead your family will also be able to plan accordingly, ensuring there aren’t any scheduling conflicts later down the road. Especially if you have a larger family or teens in the mix, we suggest providing them with some reminders to make sure everyone is on time and ready for picture day. You might even consider saving the date on your fridge to make extra sure your fam is on the same page!


PHOTO BY: Courtney Aaron Photography

Finding The Right Photographer

Once you’ve selected a date that works for everyone in your family you can begin the search for your photographer.

If you’re unsure of who to book there’s no need to worry– we have you covered!

With hundreds of talented photographers in every city it can be overwhelming deciding on “the one.” Luckily, we have compiled a list of our favorite family photographers all throughout Northern California and Nevada for you!

In the Bay Area…

Emily Jenks Photography, Gretchen Adams Photography, Sweet Poppy Studios

In Reno…

Kristi Gayton Photography, Lauren Casto Photography

In Tahoe…

Courtney Aaron Photography, Lemaire Photography



Preventing Hangry Moods

This one’s for all of our moms and dads out there with littles under the age of ten!

Because family sessions last anywhere from an hour to 3+ hours, toddlers and younger children can sometimes be prone to acting out or disengaging after a certain amount of time. To avoid these mishaps we recommend feeding your child/children about one hour prior to the photoshoot to prevent them from getting “the hangries.”

Similarly, it’s important to make sure that their outfit is comfortable enough for them to wear throughout the entire duration of the shoot. This is especially true for infants under one year of age, as scratchy or frilly materials can often cause discomfort that you may not be aware of if the outfit isn’t tried on them beforehand.

PRO TIP: At the end of the day you know your child best, so if there is a favorite toy or snacks that you feel could be life savers then don’t hesitate to pack them the night before!



Outfit Changes

Having a variety of outfits for the fam to change into can be a fun way to diversify your album with both casual and formal wear. While it certainly isn’t necessary, choosing to go bold with some fun and interesting looks will create lasting memories that you and your family will remember for a lifetime!

Whether it’s long flowing dresses, historical costumes, or matching pajamas, a coordinated fashion shoot lets your photographer utilize their creativity behind the camera. Not to mention, you’ll definitely stand out with more unique poses and some added flare that simply isn’t found with the standard jeans and a t-shirt.

The only downside to this fashion choice is that children three and under usually don’t do well with multiple outfit swaps, so it’s best to opt for this kind of shoot with children who are old enough to have a little more patience. However, you can definitely still accessorize with toddlers and babies so long as the accessories you pick out are easy to take on and off with ease and comfort!



Remembering To Have Fun

Let’s not beat around the bush- planning and executing family portraits takes a lot of work! From booking your photographer to coordinating with everyone’s schedules, it’s normal to feel stressed when you want everything to go perfectly as planned.

This is why it’s so important to just have fun and enjoy the moments when you and your fam can spend quality time with each other. Sure, you might forget to bring an accessory or wish you had worn a different pair of shoes. However, the goal isn’t to strive for perfection but rather to enjoy each other’s company in front of the camera.

This can be easier said than done but if you remember to let go of your fixations and roll with the punches we assure that you and your family will have a blast! After all, the best pictures always come along with genuine smiles and laughter 🙂 



Holiday & New Years Cards

The best part about getting your family portraits taken in the fall are that they make amazing holiday themed cards for December!

While not everyone partakes in this tradition, anyone can send out a card detailing how their year went and what they are looking forward to in the New Year. Whether or not you’d like to theme your card around a particular holiday is completely up to you!

In most cases, families will sport evening attire or matching outfits for their cards as a festive way to celebrate the season. If this suits your fancy, we highly recommend booking a family portrait session a few months ahead of time so the cards are ready to be sent out by the end of the year.

If this is a tradition in your family or one that you’d like to try in the future, we’d love to hear more! What holiday do you and your family like to celebrate? Is your style more casual or do you enjoy dressing up?


Now let us know what you think! Will you be booking a photographer for some family pictures this year?

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