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Oct 23, 2023

Discovering Your Communication Style

Posted by: Kay Rich

It’s a simple question and yet so many struggle to find an answer: what is your preference when it comes to having your hair and makeup done? Are you the kind of person who loves some playful banter or would you rather sit back and relax while enjoying a bit of me time? Most of us know if we lean more towards extroversion or introversion, however, sometimes our preferences vary when it comes to receiving a beauty service. Read on to discover how you can determine which communication styles are right for you!




Booking A Trial

First things first, scheduling a hair and makeup trial is a must for ensuring everything you desire in your look is to your satisfaction. For this reason, we recommend booking your trial a minimum of three weeks to 1 month in advance! Regardless if you are getting married or just want to look glamorous for a special event, having a trial lined up is like purchasing beauty insurance for the future.

In most cases, our clients are in love with their look after their trial thanks to the amazing talent of our hair and makeup artists. However, if you go home and decide you want longer lashes or a different color blush, the beauty in having a trial is that adjustments can be made to suit your preferences before your special day. No matter what, our team will always make sure to nail your look down to the very last detail!




Think of it as a preview: you wouldn’t want to wear a wedding dress that you’ve never tried on before, so why take any risks when it comes to your hair and makeup? By scheduling a trial you can make absolute sure that you adore every detail of your look. Plus, it helps us get to know you better so we can give you the best possible service on the day of your event!

Another perk of trial sessions are that they allow you to communicate your preferences when it comes to conversation. For example, a normally extroverted client might be inclined to speak less when getting their hair and makeup done as a way of recharging before attending a large event with a multitude of people.

Likewise, the same can happen to a textbook introvert. Normally they might be the type of person to be more reserved but find that they enjoy having one on one communication with their artist after their trial. By booking beforehand, you can discover your own unique communication style. In turn, this helps our team match you with the perfect HMUAs for your personality and taste!





Bridesmaids Galore

In the event of a wedding, bridesmaids are there to comfort and excite you before walking down the aisle. However, if you find that your getting ready location has limited space and cannot accommodate a larger bridal party, it may be best to have your hair and makeup done separately if you want a more relaxing experience. This is especially recommended for our clients who are more introverted and who enjoy getting their hair and makeup done in silence rather than a room full of people.

On the other hand, if you love having quality time with your girls and know that you want to be together as a group, a good call to action is creating a bridal party schedule. At Luna Belle, we create a tentative schedule with your HMUAs beforehand, so that each bridesmaid has a select time for their service. Names aren’t necessary, but knowing what time each service will take place is sufficient.

Not only will this increase efficiency but it also ensures that everyone is there from the beginning to ensure all services are completed smoothly, one after another.




Schedules can also help decrease stress when there’s a tight deadline and everyone is getting ready in the same room! Here at LBB, we suggest the bride get her makeup done second to last so that she’s fresh and ready for pics when the photographer arrives. A good rule of thumb is to have the bride start with hair and then transition into makeup to prevent any hairsprays/gels from being mixed in with her foundation. It can also be arranged to have hair and makeup done simultaneously if time is of the essence.

Similarly, we like to make sure the mother of the bride/groom has her services completed before the rest of the bridal party so that if any family pictures are taken, they can begin immediately upon hair and makeup completion. (NOTE: This goes for anyone who needs to be in the first round of pictures.)

Of course, we always like to say that the best way to ensure your getting ready experience goes smoothly is by having good communication with everyone involved. By keeping us and your bridal party in the loop, we can make sure an appropriate amount of artists are sent to your location. Plus, you’ll have a much more fun-loving atmosphere by staying organized, allowing for more beauty sleep before the day begins!





Nerves & Jitters

Do you still have butterflies in your stomach after creating a schedule and booking your trial? If your answer is yes, we have you covered! It’s completely normal to experience a bit of nerves before life changing events, which is why we have a number of artists who specialize in crafting a caring and understanding experience for you.

Whether you prefer to get ready in silence or upbeat conversation, our team will make sure your experience is tailored to fit your personality preferences. Our mission is not limited to the pursuit of beauty; we want to gift a once in a lifetime experience that you’ll remember with fondness and treasure for a lifetime!



To find your perfect beauty match, email us at: where we can answer each and every one of your questions and concerns!






Now let us know what you think! What is your communication style? Do you enjoy being the center of attention in a crowd full of people or do you prefer one on one time with someone you’re more comfortable with?

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