Full Glam v. Light Natural

Jul 24, 2023

~ To Glam… Or Not To Glam ~

Posted by: Kay Rich

The big day is approaching and you’re just months away from walking down the aisle. You’ve picked out the most beautiful bouquets, hired an outstanding photographer, and booked the venue of your dreams. Though there’s just one thing missing… the makeup! In this post we’ll discuss the difference between soft glam, full glam, and natural makeup looks for brides and how to determine the best look for your wedding day!


Bride 1

Discovering the “It Look”

Some brides know exactly what they want on their special day with every detail mapped out, multiple inspiration pics saved to their phone, and even specific products they prefer to use on standby. However, for most brides the “it look” is blurry. You might have an idea of it… but the concrete details are missing!

If this sounds like you, say no more! Our team has you covered 😉

While having an every day look is a fast and easy style you’ve likely mastered, the “it look” is more intricate in the best way. At it’s core, the “it look” is what makes you feel like your most beautiful, authentic self.

For some, this means light and natural makeup while others prefer to go all out with more flare. Whichever suits your fancy, we are here to help turn your “it look” into a sensational reality!


Bride 2


Getting Started

Before we dive into all the fun looks to choose from, there are a few external factors you’ll want to consider beforehand:

– Where are you getting married?

– Will the wedding be indoors or outdoors?

– How comfortable are you wearing false lashes?

– Do you have any skin sensitivities?

These are all great questions to ask yourself before deciding on a look!

For example, you might be yearning for a dewy skin finish with minimal foundation. Then let’s say you’re getting married in a humid place on the beach… While we love a glass skin look, the dewier option without any powder/setting spray could give very “melted candle” vibes if not set with the correct products and a durable primer!


Bride 3

Knowing Your Environment

This is why it’s so important to be prepared. Whether you’re tying the knot in a chapel or by the lake, it’s always best to check the weather ahead of time and research the climate if you’re planning a destination wedding.

For tropical places it’s best to opt for waterproof or sweat-resistant foundation and set with a touch of powder for it to survive the day. On the contrary, having your wedding in the desert or a high altitude location like Tahoe can leave the skin dry if not moisturized properly. In this case, a more dewy and hydrating base would be perfect for normal to dry skin types.

Luckily at LBB all of our artists only use the highest quality products for your skin. We believe in investing in trusted formulas that provide A+ results, such as our CCC cream and plumping serumide. As two of our holy grails, these skin savers deliver instant hydration and nourishment for all skin types!


Bride 4

Light Natural Looks

Now that we’ve addressed any skin concerns and the types of products needed for longevity, we can dive into how full you want your “it look” to be.

A great way to calculate this is by going off your every day look. If it’s either no makeup or very minimal makeup (ex: mascara, lip balm) we recommend keeping it light and natural. Think very skin-like foundation (not full coverage), minimal shadow, and just a touch of blush.

When it comes to lashes, falsies are completely optional. We want you to feel confident and comfortable above everything else. Going with a good lengthening mascara will also provide a beautiful, minimalist aesthetic. This is the best option if you’ve never worn false lashes before and want to make sure your lashes aren’t weighed down throughout the day.

PRO TIP: For some lash insurance make sure to stick with waterproof/water resistant mascaras!


Bride 5

Soft Glam Looks

Soft glam is by far our most requested bridal look and reigns as queen when it comes to achieving bridal perfection! If you’re a bride who doesn’t want to look too made up but still desires some glamour, then this is the look for you.

While not heavy enough to be considered full glam, soft glam is a is a step up from the light natural look with bolder colors and some light contour. Some other aspects that differentiate soft glam from natural makeup are false lashes, lining the lips, and some eyeliner that can include a thin wing.

The key to mastering this look is blending. If you decide that your “it look” is soft glam, your artist will make sure to create seamless lines and use shades that compliment your complexion rather than severe looking cut creases or maximized sculpting, and/or overly dramatic colors.


Bride 6

Full Glam Looks

If your wedding icon is Priscilla Presley with big cat eyes, bold contour, and some lips glossed for the gods then meet your full glam look!

What we love about full glam is it’s flawless finish and the statement it makes when you enter the room. If what you’re looking for is some glamour, then why not spoil yourself with this bombshell look? As a close second in popularity behind soft glam, full glam utilizes deeper shades and stronger contrasts to compliment your best features.

For our brides whose every day look is something more akin to soft glam, then going with full glam will enhance your daily look with some added richness and flamboyance. Altogether it includes full coverage foundation, contour, highlight, and some dramatic lashes!

Bride 7


On Camera Versus In Person

Whichever makeup style you decide on, our last and final tip is to keep in mind the effect of makeup on film compared to real life.

Whether you decide to go with an ultra natural look or the fullest glam, we always like to remind our brides that edited photos will appear lighter and more naturalized with lighting, editing, etc. So don’t be shy when it comes to glamming it up a bit!


Now let us know what you think! What is your dream “it look”? Are you more of a light natural gal or do you like to rock full glam makeup?

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Makeup: Shannon (Bride 1), Kristina (Bride 2), Nancy (Bride 4, Bride 6, Bride 7), Lauren (Bride 5)


Hair: Nicole (Bride 1, Bride 2, Bride 7), Tallie (Bride 4, Bride 5)


Photography: Vanessa Lynne Photography (Bride 1), Christina Milke Photography (Bride 2), Tori Stanton Photography (Bride 3), Colby & Jess (Bride 4), Corey Fox Photography (Bride 5), Steve Dutcher Photography & Videography (Bride 7)




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