Day-Of Touch Up Kit (and a Giveaway!)

Aug 15, 2022

Weddings, weddings, weddings!

As every single bride in the history of brides go, you want your day to go absolutely perfect and as planned… which includes the perfect hair and perfect makeup hour after hour. Perfect hair and makeup through every photo, as you twirl around the dance floor, get cake very gently (and lovingly) shoved in your face, and even through the very last sparkler send-off photos of the night.  While one option to keep your hair and makeup perfect is to hire us hourly for touch ups and any changes, another and maybe the best (and most cost effective) alternative is to add a Day-Of Touch Up Kit for your special day.

The Day-Of Touch Up Kit has everything you need to enhance your look right before you walk down the aisle, after you have said, “I do”, or even after the 50th time that Great Aunt Flora has kissed you on the cheek.

Here’s what you get in your touch-up kit:

  1. a sample of your lip color
  2. loose powder to remove shine from your face
  3. eyelash glue
  4. cotton swabs to hold those tears from streaming down your face
  5. bobby pins in case there are some loose hairs or if you want to change your hairstyle slightly
  6. hair spray to hold everything in place

Bonus: your bridal party and attendees getting services can also choose to add a Day-Of Touch Up Kit to their service!

As a thank you for being a part of the Luna Belle Beauty family, we’d like to do a small giveaway with some of our favorite products and we will even throw in a Day-Of Touch Up Kit that’s perfect and suitable for YOU.

Here’s what’s included in our giveaway:

  1. Creations Eyeliner- long lasting, vivid eyeliners with an array of colors to choose from.
  2. Blossom Gloss- glosses enhanced with real flowers to moisten the lips
  3. Mario Badescu Toner-these toners refresh the face, giving you the moisture you need for your event.
  4. Hyaluronic Acid by Revolution- this helps the skin’s flexibility and therefore reduces the appearance of wrinkles. This product is meant to be used everyday prior to your wedding day and the morning of.  Make sure to patch test your skin prior to using.
  5. Face Shaver
  6. Day-Of Touch Up Kit for the bride

To enter the giveaway, click on this link and follow the instructions on the post. Winner will be contacted by email on Wednesday, August 31, 2022.


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