Wedding Day Hair

Oct 2, 2022

Whether you want neon green roots like Billie Eilish, a pixie-cut like Twiggy, Cher’s iconic straight locks, or the shag hair like Farrah Fawcett, your wedding day hair is a look to remember that will follow you through every picture that you are in on your big day.


At Luna Belle Beauty, we are here to help you achieve the most iconic look for your hair.

So let us give you some tips for before your big day, so that you have hair to remember!

@lunabellebeautyco Photographer: @Ali.boundy, Makeup: Shannon @lunabellebeautyco, Hair: Tallie @lunabellebeautyco, Florals: @dreamweaver.florals

First, it is extremely important to use shampoo and conditioner on your hair that are healthy and nourishing to the scalp. After shampooing twice (Wait, you didn’t know you need to shampoo twice? The first time removes buildup from the scalp, while the second time washes the buildup away!), you can condition your ends to help reduce breakage.

Next, it’s important to use a heat protectant on your hair! Whether you are blowdrying, straightening or curling, you need to use some sort of heat protectant. We love Heated.Defense by Kevin Murphy!

Last, styling your hair can be tricky, especially if you are committed to not washing your hair daily. The first and second day might be beautiful curls, while on the third day you add a little dry shampoo (we like this one), and then put it up in a low ponytail or into a claw clip. On day four, maybe it’s wash day. Or maybe you are a little rebel and want one more day of dirty hair– maybe it’s another claw clip day or even a hat/beanie day!

While taking daily steps to ensure you have strong and thick hair, let’s talk about WEDDING DAY HAIR.

Photographer: @rose_street_studio Hair: Tallie & Esmeralda, @lunabellebeautyco Makeup: Keema & Shannon, @lunabellebeautyco Wedding Planner: @wildandlovelyevents Florist: @love_and_lupines Videographer: @jordan.alpinemedia DJ: @weddingmusictahoe Venue: @highcamp.squawvalley

Photographer: @rose_street_studio Hair: Tallie & Esmeralda @lunabellebeauty

Tallie, one of our expert hairstylists, has some great tips for your wedding day.

1.) If you are planning on wearing extensions, practice with them ahead of time. There’s nothing worse than pulling brand new extensions out of the package and finding that they are the wrong color, a weird texture, or just don’t work in your hair! Rip that package open, wash them carefully in the sink, practice wearing and styling them so that you can ensure they are perfect for your big day.

2.) Use professional grade hot tools and heat protection daily! This and using silk or satin pillow cases, soft scrunchies, and even a shower filter can reduce the breakage of your hair, pointing towards healthier hair for the day of your wedding.

3.) Last but not least- Trust the vendors that you chose for your wedding! Speak up for what you want. YOU planned your wedding, only YOU know what might have been missed. Enjoy the day of your wedding and soak in the moment.

While reading this blog is just one small step as you begin to plan your dream hair for your big day, let us help you with all of your hair and makeup needs for your wedding. Contact us here!


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