Three Steps for Proper Skincare

Nov 7, 2022

Whether you are planning for a special event or you are just living your best life, taking care of your skin is a big part of your daily routine. It’s important to have high-quality products with ingredients that you can trust to make your skin radiant and healthy. Since November is National Healthy Skin Month, we thought it was appropriate to share with you our Three Steps for Proper Skincare!

Three Steps For Proper Skincare

1.) Cleansing:

First, and probably the most basic (and well known) step to any skincare routine is washing your face. But the act of cleansing the face is not so basic. Do you have oily or dry skin? Can you use bar soap or do you need to use a high end product to balance your PH? To avoid clogged pores and even out your skin tone, it is essential to wash your face morning and night. If you are acne prone, we suggest this product. If you have oily skin, we like Zo Skin Health’s Exfoliating Cleanser. If you are looking for a super simple face wash for any skin type, we like Eminence Organic Skin Care’s Stone Crop Gel Wash.

2.) Toning:

Next, toning is probably the step that most of us are missing in our daily skincare routine. While we know to wash our face, we know that we have to put some sort of lotion (moisturizer) on after, we forget the act of toning. Toning is the step between cleansing and moisturizing that removes the little particles of dirt, debris, toxins, etc. that are stuck in your pores that a traditional cleanser doesn’t remove. While traditionally¬†applied with a cotton pad, toner can also be applied with the hands to reduce the amount of toner that is wasted. We like Eminence Organic Skin Care’s Stone Crop Hydrating Mist.


3.) Moisturizing:

Last, it is important to hydrate the top layers of the skin, especially where we live where the weather is constantly changing. Wearing a moisturizer daily also protects the skin from outside environmental factors and irritants. An ultra thick moisturizer that we like is doTERRA’s Hydrating Cream. Or, if a lotion-based moisturizer isn’t your thing, we like Just.Ingredients Organic Face Serum Oil to balance dry or oily skin.

With the seasons changing and the holidays coming soon, it has never been a better time to get your skincare routine in check. With Luna Belle Beauty’s Three Steps for Proper Skincare, you will be glowing in no time!

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    Love it very informative !!! I always forget to tone. Thank you for the reminder.

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